brutifus 2019.08.3

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brutifus is a set of Python routines designed to post-process datacubes from Integral Field Spectrographs, and in particular MUSE and WiFeS. The spirit of brutifus is to deal with generic post-processing tasks with as little interactions as possible.

So far, brutifus allows to:

  • correct a cube WCS solution using Gaia,

  • generate B&W and RGB images from the cube,

  • correct for the galactic reddening along the line of sight,

  • fit the stellar/nebular continuum using the non-parametric Locally Weighted Scatterplot Smoothing (LOWESS) technique,

  • perform an ad-hoc sky-subtraction if required.

brutifus is modular: execution files allow the user to specify which recipe is to be executed, and in which order. Wherever feasible/beneficial, brutifus routines can use up to ny cpus at once (where nx*ny is the number of spaxels in the datacube; ny~300 for a MUSE cube) to speed up the processing of large datasets.


brutifus is very much a work in progress. Modules and recipes will get added as the need arises. The code is released publicly because I believe in an open Science policy.

You’re welcome to try it out … so long as you remember that the code comes with no warranty!